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Chicago Car Accident Attorney

Car Accident Claims

There are millions of accidents each year which result in permanent disability.  The car accident, which includes truck accidents, motorcycle accidents and other motor vehicle mishaps, is the foremost cause of serious and fatal injuries throughout the country.  If you have been injured in a car accident it is vital that you consult a Chicago personal injury attorney who is committed to assisting those injured through negligence.

Car Accident Lawyer in Chicago

Almost all accidents are the result of negligence.  Not being fully focused on one's driving is the foremost cause of traffic accidents.  Additional causes or factors include ignoring traffic lights and signs, speeding, aggressive driving, ignoring the rules of the road, DUI (impaired by drugs or alcohol), mechanical failure, defective and dangerous car products and defective car components and bad road conditions.  The resulting property damage and personal injury country wide is staggering.  On a personal level the injuries are traumatic. 

Chronic pain, the loss of a limb or the loss of mobility through paralysis has lifelong effects on an individual and his or her family.  The cost of medical care alone is a burden, but the loss of the ability to return to work for an extended period of time can be devastating to a family's financial situation.  An experienced car accident lawyer with our firm can look into your accident thoroughly to identify any negligent parties who are liable for the damages you have suffered. 

Our legal team understands the difficulties facing an injured client and takes steps to ease the situation. We review your circumstances, answer your questions fully and explain your options.  Our team strives to be responsive to a client's needs.  We work with insurance companies and other parties connected with your case while keeping you informed of the progress.  Call Steven J. Morton & Associates Ltd. for a consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer who is prepared to fight on behalf of an injured client.

Contact a Chicago Car Accident Attorney at our firm who will demand full compensation for an injured client.