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Cases of Emotional Distress in Chicago

Chicago Personal Injury Attorney: Job Related Injury

Emotional distress is a very real result of job harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination and other illegal acts. When a person is continually victimized, it can have long term effects on their self confidence and future ability to function in a work environment. It is against the law to harass an employee due to their race, religion, gender, beliefs, age, sexual orientation or other personal matter. Unfortunately, some employers or managers violate the law and inflict emotional harm on employees, resulting in severe emotional distress. A Chicago personal injury attorney from our firm can assist in filing a claim or lawsuit against the company that allowed this behavior to continue.

Seeking Compensation for Emotional Distress

When you have been the victim of harassment, discrimination or another act that led to serious emotional distress, a claim can be filed on your behalf seeking compensation which will be measured against the effects on your life and future. Some are seriously damaged through ongoing and extensive discrimination or other types of personal attacks, and may have trouble working due to the damages they suffered. They may require counseling to try to recover from the personal damage that has been inflicted in the case. In order to determine if your case has merit, we offer a free case evaluation to review the situation and advise you what to expect in the form of compensation, and whether the case may need to go to trial or can be settled prior to trial.

We understand the difficulties these cases bring to our clients, and will treat you with the utmost respect and dignity at all times. We are determined to seek justice for our clients who have been victimized and suffered from emotional damages, and to address the case with a full commitment to seeking the maximum possible compensation available under law.

Contact a Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer from our firm for cases of emotional distress.