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About Job Discrimination & Harassment in Chicago

Chicago Job Discrimination Lawyer

When you are employed in our country, you have the right to fair treatment and it is a violation of both state and federal law to discriminate based on race, religion, sexual orientation or gender. Even though these laws have been in effect for years, there are certain employers or other workers who think it is amusing to make comments about a person's religion, race, appearance, sexual orientation or violate the law in another manner. Some highly skilled employees may be passed over for others that are not as qualified or do not have the long term employment history at the company that would lead to job advancement. These cases are often very stressful for the person involved, and the degree of damage can be extensive. Not only economic, but non-economic damages can occur, such as emotional distress. A Chicago personal injury lawyer from our firm can provide you with the experienced legal advocacy you will need to address these issues and seek justice in your case.

Job Harassment

Harassment at work can take many forms, including sexual harassment, wrongful termination and other matters that demand the support of a skilled attorney familiar with filing lawsuits against the offending employer.  Those who have been the victim of harassment know how terrible the situation can be, resulting in emotional distress, constant worry, and even fear of danger. Harassment would be most often inflicted by an authority, such as an employer or manager who uses their position to make life unpleasant, dangerous or threatening for an innocent worker.

One of the most common forms of harassment is sexual in nature, when off color remarks are made about the physical appearance or other matter that violates the law. Some have suffered severe cases of sexual harassment when they are threatened with job loss if they don't comply with certain sexual demands. The cases vary widely, but one thing is certain: you have rights and if you have been the victim of harassment, a lawsuit or claim should be filed at once to seek compensation for any act of harassment while an employee. Our legal team at Steven J. Morton & Associates Ltd. has the extensive experience and proven results you need if you have been a victim of this illegal activity.

Contact a Chicago Job Harassment Attorney from our firm at once if you have been the victim of harassment.