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Chicago Machinery Accidents Attorney

Injured in a Machinery Accident?

When you are injured in a machinery accident, you have two routes to recovery of compensation.  If the injury is work-related, you may seek compensation through the Workers' Compensation program.  This is a no fault program which provides you benefits for medical expenses and time off work.  If you have suffered permanent injury, you may also receive a lump sum payoff. These benefits, though welcome, are still paltry when compared to your overall needs.  To obtain full compensation including full loss of income and pain and suffering, it is necessary to pursue a personal injury claim against parties other than your employer.  This could be a claim for negligence against the manufacturer of the machinery or against another subcontractor on your worksite.  You are encouraged to contact a Chicago personal injury lawyer.

Personal Injury Claims for Machinery Accidents

A person injury claim is based on negligence. You are limited to Workers' Compensation when suing your employer.  So this claim must be against other parties unless your employer is guilty of intentional misconduct.  The manufacturer of the machinery causing the injury may be liable for a design defect, manufacturing defect or a failure to warn in connection to the machinery.  You may also look to other subcontractors on your worksite.  Perhaps the machinery that injured you was operated by a worker from another subcontractor.  Perhaps the machinery was rented by your company from a rental agency guilty of negligent maintenance.  Your attorney can work with you in identifying a suitable defendant.

Machinery Accidents Lawyer in Chicago

At Steven J. Morton & Associates Ltd. we serve the Chicago, Illinois area with vigorous representation of machinery accident claims. Whether you seek a Workers' Compensation claim, a personal injury claim or both, we are ready to help you.  We are a small firm of seasoned litigators with over 60 years in collective experience.  We have won millions of dollars for thousands of clients. 

We are experienced in handling machinery accidents involving conveyor belts, cranes, forklifts, faulty shut-off switches, drill presses and lathes.  We urge you to discuss your case with an attorney at the firm. We advance all costs.  In most cases, our clients will pay nothing until recovery is achieved.

Contact a Chicago Machinery Accidents Attorney at the firm for vigorous representation.