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Birth Injuries Lawyer in Chicago

Has Your Child Suffered Birth Injuries?

Birth injuries can be heartbreaking.  You may be tempted to blame yourself and think about things you could have done differently. The truth is likely though that you did what you were told.  Like anybody else, you trusted your doctor to pull you through. It is a fact though that many doctors err in prenatal care and delivery of babies. If this were true in your case, is it fair that your family bear the consequences alone?  With suitable compensation you can afford to give your baby the needed medical care and therapy for a bright future.  You can find out the truth and learn your options by contacting a personal injury lawyer in Chicago.

Chicago Birth Injuries Attorney

At Steven J. Morton & Associates Ltd. we offer aggressive advocacy to families with children suffering from birth injuries. We have served the Chicago, Illinois area for over 30 years.  Our team of seasoned professionals has won thousands of settlements worth millions for our clients.  We use legal discovery tools to gain access to medical records and other evidence.  With the assistance of medical experts we decipher medical records and uncover medical blunders.

At trial we present testimony from our medical experts of departures from standard medical practice, future care needed and presence of any permanent injury.  We offer proof of any reduced earning capacity and call for appropriate damages.  We summarize the evidence for the jury and press for justice to be done.

Common Birth Injuries

It is common for doctors to prescribe medication to pregnant mothers.  When doing so it is vital to check whether it would be harmful to the baby.  For example it known that anti-depressants can be disastrous for a baby and yet many psychiatric professionals persist in prescribing them. 

If a mother's birth canal is too small or irregular, the baby's head may get stuck with resulting brain damage. A crippled arm may follow when a baby is forced through a breach birth.  An alert obstetrician spots these dangers and performs needed Caesarean sections. We urge you to contact us now.  We advance all costs of suit and are dedicated to seeking justice for our clients.

Contact a Birth Injuries Lawyer in Chicago at the firm for vigorous representation.