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Injuries from Defective or Dangerous Products in Chicago

Defective and Dangerous Products Lawyer

Manufacturing industries have a duty of care to provide safe products for consumers, yet people are injured or killed every day due to the use of defective or dangerous products.  The drug industry is a billion dollar industry that continues to offer unsafe medications to patients and often places profit ahead of consumer safety.  Many accidents result from unsafe products placed on the market for users.  Often covered in the media are incidents of accidents, injuries or deaths from faulty baby cribs, unsafe toys, and window blinds that cause child strangulations.  There are countless accidents and injuries caused by defective or dangerous products.  Injury victims from the use of defective or dangerous products should contact a Chicago personal injury lawyer regarding available compensation for injuries received from their usage.  Steven J. Morton & Associates, Ltd. represents clients with all types of injuries caused by the use of defective or dangerous products. This includes cases of medical malpractice when a dangerous drug resulted in injury, illness or loss of life.

Defective or Dangerous Products and Injuries

When a defective or dangerous product is exposed, most companies will withdraw their product immediately.  Others companies might wait until consumer safety agencies force them to recall their product.  A company that designs, manufactures, and sells unsafe products to consumers is in violation of the duty of care obligations.  The responsible party or parties may be liable to the injured victim for compensation and may include medical costs, loss of earnings, and pain and suffering.  A defective or dangerous product that results in a fatality may prompt surviving family members to sue for wrongful death.  An additional damage in a wrongful death suit would include loss of companionship.

Defective and dangerous products can cause accidents and common injuries are poisonings, birth injuries, burns, amputations, paralysis, internal organ damage, and many others.  Insurance companies may try to downplay injuries while settling an injury case for as little as possible.  Dealing with an insurance adjuster can be an intimidating and confusing experience.  Our legal team represents victims of defective and dangerous products and protects their best interests and rights to receive the compensation they deserve.  Before settling with an insurance company, speak with one our skilled and experienced personal injury attorneys.  Make an appointment today for a consultation regarding injuries from defective or dangerous products.

Contact a Defective or Dangerous Products Attorney regarding injuries resulting from defective or dangerous products.