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Construction Site Accident Cases in Chicago

Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer

Construction sites are dangerous, even when the company involved carefully adheres to all the safety requirements demanded under law. Unexpected and terrible accidents occur in this industry every day, and the injured victims may never again have the quality of life they enjoyed prior to the accident. Cases of ladder falls, scaffolding accidents, falling objects, explosions, machinery accidents, electrocution and burn injuries can require extensive medical care, and in the most deadly cases, loss of life. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a construction site accident, it is vital that you contact a Chicago personal injury lawyer to address the legal matters surrounding the injuries and compensation.

Construction Accident Attorney in Chicago

Our legal team at Steven J. Morton & Associates Ltd. is committed to assisting the injured in seeking fair and full compensation in construction accident cases and other job injury claims. Although you are protected by workers' compensation, it can be difficult to get the amount of compensation needed to fully address the injuries and the time to recover properly before returning to work. Some cases have such extreme injuries that the individual may never work again, or has lost their lives. No matter how serious the injury case, our legal team has the experience and commitment to our clients' cases that is needed when seeking to resolve legal matters regarding compensation.

In many construction site cases, there is a third party who may be fully or partially responsible for the injury. This could include a subcontractor, scaffolding company, equipment or machinery provider or other commercial enterprise who failed to ensure that the construction worker was safe while using their equipment or structures. We carefully evaluate all construction site accident cases to seek out any possible third party so that we can file a claim seeking compensation beyond what you will receive through workers' compensation. We advise that you contact us as quickly as possible to ensure that all evidence and other supporting documentation can be obtained before changes are made in the safety systems and procedures in the company.

Contact a Chicago Construction Accident Lawyer from our firm at once if you have suffered an injury accident while at work.