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Scaffolding Accidents Lawyer in Chicago

Injured in a Scaffolding Accident

Approximately 10,000 persons are injured annually in the United States from scaffolding accidents.  Usually these accidents are due to planking or supports giving way or the employee slipping or being hit by a falling object.  Plank slippage is the most common reason.  Operators have a duty of care in the construction and maintenance of scaffolding and neglect of that duty exposes them to liability for damages.  If you have been injured in a scaffolding accident, you are urged to contact a Chicago personal injury attorney to seek compensation in construction site accident cases.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations

OSHA establishes the standard that contractors erecting and maintaining scaffolding must follow. Among these requirements are the following:

  • Scaffolding must be able to withstand a stress of at least four times the maximum intended load. (1910.28(a)(4). 
  • Anchorage of scaffolds must be sound, rigid and capable of carrying the maximum load without settling or displacement (1910.28 (a)(2). 
  • Scaffold planks must extend over end supports at least 6 inches but not more than 18 inches. 1910.28 (a)(13)
  • Scaffolds shall be maintained in a safe condition and not moved or altered while in use. 1910.28 (a)(5).
  • Damaged scaffolding must be immediately repaired and not used until repaired. 1910.28 (a)(6).

Chicago Scaffolding Accidents Attorney

At Steven J. Morton & Associates Ltd. we provide aggressive representation to clients injured in scaffolding accidents.  We are a small, seasoned law firm with over 60 years combined experience.  We have won thousands of settlements for clients worth millions of dollars for our clients.  We are militant in our defense of workers injured by negligent construction and maintenance of scaffolding and failure to observe OSHA regulations for worker safety. If you have been injured on scaffolding, we urge you to discuss your case with an attorney at the firm.  We offer a free consultation and charge no fees or costs to clients until recovery is obtained.

Contact a Scaffolding Accidents Lawyer in Chicago at the firm for vigorous representation of your claim for damages.