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Chicago Wrongful Death Attorney

Has there been a Wrongful Death in Your Family?

When a person dies through the negligence of another, the family has a claim for damages in a wrongful death suit. These suits actually have two parts.  There is the wrongful death action for the family to compensate for loss of comfort and support.  This includes loss of companionship and financial support to the family, sexual relations to a spouse and guidance and training to minor children.   There is also a survival action on behalf of the estate for the decedent.  This is for the decedent's property losses, medical expenses, pain and suffering and possibly punitive damages. A personal injury attorney in Chicago is ready to help you pursue your claim.

Importance of Legal Representation

It is important to have experienced legal representation.  As wrongful death law is complex, an experienced attorney is needed to build your case for liability and assure your claim includes all damages you are entitled to. It is also a sad fact that insurance companies send out adjusters to unrepresented families to offer paltry sums in settlement.  Do not fall into this trap. 

Wrongful Death Lawyer in Chicago

We at Steven J. Morton & Associates Ltd. are ready to assist with aggressive prosecution of wrongful death suits in the Chicago, Illinois area.  Whether your family member has died in an auto accident, construction accident or in the operating room, we understand that you are grieving and may not want to deal with legal matters.  We urge you though to make the effort because in time your family will need compensation for your loss.  In order to prove negligence, we need to be on the ground investigating the accident to gather evidence and interview witnesses.  We are available 24/7 to assist you.

We are a seasoned and intimate law firm with over 60 years collective legal experience.  We have settled thousands of cases worth millions to our clients. Our guiding principle is that we treat each client as if the client were our only one.  We advance all costs of suit and you pay nothing until recovery.  You are urged to contact us for help.

Contact a Chicago Wrongful Death Attorney at the firm to discuss your wrongful death action.